As I grew older, I realized how much I had learnt from my father. He had a lively and spirited personality – that’s the bright side of him – always finding ways to entertain us with his dances, engage us in playful fist fights, and share the silliest jokes. Even in moments of anger, he effortlessly employed sarcasm.

We had a close bond with Papa. I recall a phone conversation we had some years ago, where he mentioned my mother’s complaint of waist pain. Without hesitation, I jokingly accused him of causing her discomfort.

“You should have stopped after three kids. Making her give birth to two more didn’t make sense.”

You will never believe what my father, Osisioma, said.

Chuckling, he said: “your mother is right here. You can ask her. I expressed my desire for five kids, and suggested that I would get Aduke as a second wife but she insisted on taking on the challenge.”

Both of us burst into laughter. We concluded that he wasn’t guilty if that was the case before switching to a sober mood to discuss my mother’s ailment.

Nowadays, I see glimpses of my father’s spirit in myself. Certain comments I make instinctively bring memories of him flooding back. I often find myself saying, “This is exactly what Osisioma would say.”

I firmly believe that these virtues – passed down from a parent or caregiver – are invaluable life lessons that cannot be taught in school. They may not just be comical moments, but aspects that have a lasting impact on a child’s life. They become a part of their character, shaping who they are and influencing their words and actions.

So, every moment spent with a child is an opportunity to shape their future with love and laughter. Regardless of life’s busyness or challenges, these moments of connection and joy possess a profound ability to leave an everlasting imprint on their lives.

Have a beautiful week.

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