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Our team of experts has created a platform filled with interactive activities, cool resources, and exciting experiences tailored to your child’s unique needs. From mind-blowing board games to artsy projects and captivating storytelling sessions, we’ve got it all. 

But we’re not just here for the kids – our blog offers valuable tips and insights for parents and caregivers too. 

Join our community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about raising happy, curious, and confident kiddos. Let’s embark on an amazing learning adventure together at Ajambele Kids!

When Learning Is As Enjoyable As Playtime...

What Most Parents Do Not Know

Most parents do not know the difference between academic goals and intellectual goals. We judge our kids based on school tests and examinations. But the truth is that Tests access only the child’s knowledge of the testing content and not the uniqueness of the child.

Ajambele Creative Class for kids is not interested in how the child remembers instructions, we focus on the child’s social-emotional development.

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