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My name is Ozioma Anieto, though many know me as Ozii Baba. From the tender age of 5, I embarked on a journey of storytelling, and to this day, my childhood memories remain vivid.
I hold a firm belief that the seeds of magic in my life were sown before I turned 12, and I shared this conviction during my TEDx talk in Onitsha. I believe that creativity is a skill that can be nurtured, and children are born with a natural inclination for it. My mission is to refine and cultivate the inherent creative spark within every child.

What Inspired Ajambele Kids

When I relocated to Anambra State, I made the decision to enroll my son in a crèche. Being a first-time parent, I had absolutely no clue about the offerings of the schools. So, I was informed that my 2-year-old son would embark on the thrilling journey of learning the ABCs and 123s. Little did I know, the school, along with others in my new surroundings, lacked any sort of extra-curricular activities. It was a challenge waiting to be tackled.

I genuinely appreciate the schools' efforts in establishing a solid academic foundation for the young ones. Mathematics is undeniably remarkable, but let's not forget that we humans thrive on creativity and the allure of art. When a star student in academics is exposed to an environment that ignites their imagination, the possibilities are boundless.
And so, I arrived at the decision to establish a platform catering to children under 12, where they can delve into subjects that remain unexplored within the school curriculum.

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